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DLL Niederlage gegen Döbling PONYS

  • Veröffentlicht am Sonntag, 03. März 2019 21:46

Fotocredit und Initiative Basketball für Vielfalt 


Just like last week, our Ladies started great against a team that played zone defense for more than half of the game. Even though they were higher in the ranking (7 versus 3 wins), we played better basketball at the beginning! 

Unfortunately: higher scoring percentage and power basket from their side underneath the boards (plus some missed calls by the referees) resulted in a 9-18 after the first quarter and 14-39 halfway.

We tried to answer their powerplay with a 3-2 zone, but the tempo was way to high for our 8 ladies. That, plus our miscommunication in defense and the Ponys’ excellent switch of defense plays, led to 20-63 after 30 minutes. Our Ladies finished the game with a 7-12 quarter and a final score of 27-75 against a super  team!

We now get a weekend off, and will work on training to roar back the next games!

Points: Christina 8, Minh-Thi 6, Andrea 4, Nora 3, Nicole 3, Anna 3